travel with us

1. Where does the tour start from?

The tour will commence from the opposite of Science City. There is also a pickup and drop facility from a place of your choice at an extra payment

2. Is it mandatory to carry an ID proof?

Yes, it is. Indians are required to carry any photo ID proof while foreigners must bring their original passport and Indian Visa.

3. Do I need to bring my blankets and sleeping bags?

No, it is not needed.

4. Any clothing tips that I should follow?

During summers, light cool colours are advisable. For winter, warm clothes are recommended.

5. Any specific item that I must bring?

A spacious backpack
Sun shielding hat
Light and comfortable footwear

6. Is tiger a guarantee that I will get to see the tiger?

There is no guarantee but being optimistic never hurts. And our expert guides more than often find one for you to witness.

7. Is there a waiver for children?

Children up to the of 4 years can travel for free
There is a 50% waiver for children between 5-10 years old

8. How do I book for the tour?

Please contact us. All our contact details are enlisted on the website.

9. What are the accepted modes of payment?

Cash, Bank Transfer and PayPal/Google Pay(for foreigners)

10. Is there a hidden cost?

There are no hidden costs

11. Are the travellers covered under insurance?

No, we do not provide any insurance